Standalone Services: Creating a New Service for as Needed Changes

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When changes to the service are needed on a case-by-case basis and there are no specified conditions that should prompt the change, you can create a separate service. Because standalone services do not have the option to manually select a billing profile during the claim creation process, creating a new service that fits the payer's requirements allows users to choose between options in the attendance calendar. To make as-needed changes, create a new standalone service.

Example: Itemization is sometimes needed for a service but there are no specified conditions that would prompt this.

Do Not Use: If there are conditions that should prompt the changes. Example: Itemization is needed for Cigna claims. In this example, a claim rule to set a billing profile would be more appropriate.
Additionally, do not use the following process for UR Required services.

Create a New Standalone Service

Let's review the process for creating a new standalone service and using that service to generate and submit a corrected claim.

  1. Navigate to Practice Admin > Services.
    Note: Only Admin users can access this tab. Contact one of your account admins to make the needed edits if this tab is not visible.
  2. Click Create Service.
  3. Complete service configuration. For help with this, please see How to Create a Service and Set Rates. Ensure you choose No for Attendance Calendar - Requires Utilization Plan or Service Rate.
  4. To switch the previously billed service for the new configuration navigate to the Attendance calendar. Select the week in question from the Week drop-down.
  5. Click the lock next to the previously submitted service.
  6. A warning will populate to verify if the service needs to be unsubmitted and will list the associated claim number. Ensure that this claim number matches the claim that needs corrections.
  7. Click Unsubmit.
  8. Click the Edit icon to modify the service.
  9. Under the Service drop-down select the newly configured service and Save to update the service.
  10. Repeat this process for each date of service on the claim that requires edits.
  11. Click Submit Treatments. If the claim spans multiple weeks, navigate to the Unsubmitted Attendance tab and Submit Treatments for Billing from there.
  12. Next, click on the patient's name.
  13. Navigate to the patient’s Treatment Episode and open the Insurance Billing > Review Corrections tab.
  14. Click Check for Corrections and click Submit. Wait for corrections to populate.
  15. Once corrections populate, click Compare to view changes. Click here for more information on comparing claim versions. 
  16. Click Resolve to create a corrected claim.
  17. Complete the form as described in the Claim Corrections and Rejections article.
  18. Once the corrected claim is created, send it to the payer from the Submit Claims tab in the Work Center > Insurance Claims.
  19. If the desired corrections do not appear, refer to the Corrections Troubleshooting article.

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