How to Record a Combined Service Set

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Combined Service Sets are a set of services that always need to be billed together. For example, Individual Therapy and an Add-On service.

Recording a Combined Service Set

  1. Open Attendance and the Calendar tab will be selected by default.
  2. From the Date of Service, click [Select Combined Service Set].
  3. Select all drop-downs to select the combined service set information. 

    • Facility: Choose the facility where the patient was treated.
    • Payment Type: Set to Insurance or Private Pay.
    • Payer: Select from the payers added to the patient's treatment episode.
    • Combined Service Set: Choose the set of services.
    • Rendering Provider: Select the provider who rendered the services.
    • Billing Provider: Set to Practice or Rendering Provider.
    • Referring Rendering Provider (optional)
    • Referring Rendering Provider Role (Referring, Ordering, Supervising)
    • Authorization Status: Select the appropriate status. If you select Authorized, an authorization number is required.
    • Authorization Number
    • Standalone Diagnoses Codes: Use the + icon to select one or more Existing Diagnosis codes or add a new ICD10 code.
    • Set the Present on Admission indicator for any newly added diagnoses.
    • Selected ICD10 Diagnoses (at least one must be selected).
    • Once a Combined Service Set is selected, the services will appear in the Services section.
  4. Combined Service Sets look like the example below in the Attendance Calendar tab.
  5. Just like any other service, click Submit Treatments to move the services to the Create Claims workflow.
  6. Navigate to the Work Center > Insurance Claims > Create Claims to create the claim for review. Click here for instructions on creating and submitting claims. 
  7. Click Create New Claims for Selected Treatments.
  8. Navigate to the Submit Claims tab to review and submit the claim.

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