Unsubmit Attendance for Services (Voids and Corrections)

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When voiding a claim or making corrections, you'll often need to unsubmit the attendance to make the necessary charges.

Unsubmitting Attendance for Services

  1. To correct or void a service, click on the lock icon next to the service to unsubmit the attendance.
  2. Click Unsubmit.
  3. Once unsubmitted, an Edit icon for the service displays.
  4. Important: The X option will remove the service from AveaOffice as if the service was never billed. If a claim has already been created, this will generate a void, which will need to be sent to the payer to void the claim in their system. *This action cannot be undone*

Service or Rendering Provider Changes

Standalone Services

To change the Service or the Rendering Provider for standalone services, click the Edit icon and make the desired updates. Click here for instructions.

UR Required Services

For U/R required services, you can change the service selected in the utilization plan for the specific date and that change will automatically suggest corrections without needing to unsubmit the attendance treatment. You shouldn’t need to use the Edit icon for U/R services unless you are voiding the date of service altogether.

Other Voids and Corrections

There are many other changes that may need to be made to services already submitted as claims. Check out the following articles to learn more.

Standalone Services UR Required Services Both

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