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Box 50a, 50b, 50c - Payer Name

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Box Definition

The A line identifies the primary payer (to the best of the provider’s knowledge), the B line is the secondary payer and the C line is the tertiary payer.  

  • A - Primary
  • B - Secondary
  • C - Tertiary


In AveaOffice

The payers listed on a patient's claim in Box 50 will be determined by the "Insurance Set" in a patient's profile. Factors affecting the payers listed in the boxes will be based on the effective date of the insurance set and the dates of service for the services being billed. 

To update a patient's Insurance set:

  1. Find the patient in AveaOffice using the global search or Patients list from the navigation menu.
  2. Go to Intake > Insurance.
  3. Click to edit an existing payer or [Create] to add a Secondary or Tertiary payer.

Updating the existing insurance set effective date will prompt corrections for any existing claims. For additional information, please refer to the related articles below. 

Insurance set as seen on a patient's intake in AveaOffice



EDI Loop/Segment


  • 2010BB NM103 (destination payer name)
  • 2330B NM103 (non-destination payer name)

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