Box 24a - Date(s) of Service

Box Definition

Box 24a is used to indicate the month, day, and year the service was provided. Date of Service is displayed in the From and To areas and can be a date range of one or more days, depending on service grouping settings. 



In AveaOffice

The Date(s) of Service displayed in Box 24a pull from treatments marked in the Attendance Calendar. 

To manage the Date(s) of Service displayed in Box 24a on the claim file:

  1. Go to the Attendance tab of AveaOffice.
  2. Select the week the service was rendered.
  3. Choose to add or remove a treatment for the patient.



For detailed instructions on how to manage treatments for billing in Attendance, click on the linked article or video below. 


Standalone Services – Changes in the Attendance Calendar

Marking Attendance and Submitting Treatments to Billing - Video



EDI Loop/Segment

Loop 2400, Segment DTP03

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