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The Attendance Calendar is where treatments are added and edited for claim creation.  You can add U/R Required, Standalone, and Combined Service Sets for each treatment day. You can also correct and void claims from this page. 

Kipu EMR Integration: For users integrated with the Kipu EMR, services will populate on the attendance calendar after successful transmission from the EMR Billing Report. 

Navigation Overview

From the Attendance > Calendar tab, you will see the current billing week with each column displaying the day/date and each row displaying a patient name from A-Z. 

  1. Click the Week drop-down to view another week.
  2. Use the Submit Treatments button to submit all recorded treatments for the displayed week to billing in order to create new or corrected claims.
  3. Use the Import Treatments button to bulk import treatments, click here to learn more. 
  4. Use the Search bar to quickly locate a patient by name.
  5. Click the Filter by Payer dropdown to select a payer filter. This will refresh the calendar to only display patients with the selected behavioral payer.
  6. Patient names are hyperlinked in blue and offer navigation to the patient's Intake section of their active treatment episode. Payer names listed below each patient's name represent the behavioral payer in that patient's insurance set, which can be located in the patient's profile in Treatment Episode > Intake > Insurance > Click Payer.
  7. Clicking a drop-down menu under the day/date of the week is the first step to recording a treatment to submit to billing.
  8. Clicking the Auto-fill link will allow the user to automatically add scheduled U/R services to the week you're currently working.

Entering Treatments in Attendance

All services (both UR and Standalone) for Kipu EMR Integrated Users will automatically populate on the attendance calendar after being transmitted from the Kipu EMR Billing Report. Users can make updates to the services in Avea prior to submitting for billing needed.

U/R Required Services

To bill for UR Required services like DTX, RTC, PHP, and IOP services, first, create a utilization plan for the patient's treatment episode, then follow these instructions.

Standalone Services

Standalone services such as Outpatient, Drug Screenings, and Office Visits can only be selected on a per-day basis. Click here for instructions on billing a standalone service.

Copy Recent Standalone Service

To copy a recently created standalone service, choose Copy Recent Standalone Service from the drop-down menu under the desired day/date for the same patient.

Submitting Treatments

Now that we're done entering all the services, we can submit the treatment dates to the Work Center to be created.

  • From the Calendar view, you can submit treatments on a per-week basis by clicking on the Submit Treatments button.
  • If you've recorded services for prior weeks as well, click on the Unsubmitted Attendance tab to view and submit all outstanding recorded treatments.
    • From this view, you can click Toggle under the patient's name to de-select and re-select all services if you don't want to submit everything at once.
    • Click on the square radio box to de-select and re-select individual services. 

Once services are submitted, new claims for the treatments can be created from the Work Center.

Voids and Corrections (Unsubmit Attendance)

When voiding a claim or making corrections, you may need to unsubmit the attendance to make the necessary charges. Click here to learn more.

Reviewing a Patient's Attendance History

Once attendance is marked, you will be able to see each date of service under the patient's Scheduling and Utilization tab in the Attendance History section. This tab eliminates the need to dig into the details of claims or scroll through pages of the attendance calendar to look at a specific patient's information which is helpful for claim follow-up. Click here to learn more. 

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