Claim Form Rule: Changing the Service End Date

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What claim change is needed?

To change the Service End Date on a claim. Billers may wish to show the service end date as the discharge date, the last date of service on a claim, or the last date of service plus one day.

Box Number

UB-04: Box 6

CMS-1500: Box 24a


  1. Navigate to Management Center > Claim Rules
  2. Click "Create Claim Form Rule".
  3. Select the Practice.
  4. Name the claim rule.
    Set Claim Type to Institutional or Professional.
    mceclip1.png Screen_Shot_2021-05-19_at_12.54.10_PM.png
  5. Set conditions for the claim rule to be met.
  6. Select the Available Behavior: Service End Date.
  7. Then click Add.
  8. Choose an option that fits the scenario:
    A. If the Service End Date = Discharge Date, then use the Discharge Date option. 
    B. If the Service End Date = Last Date of Service, then use the Last Date of Service option.
    C. If the Service End Date = to a day earlier than patients _________ (Discharge Date, for example), then use the Last Date of Service + 1 Day option. 
  9. At the bottom of the window, click the Create button.

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