Recording Cash, Check, and Money Order Payments

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A user can record cash, check, and money order payments from the patient in Avea to track and manage patient balances.


Cash, check, and money order payments can be recorded in Avea using the same workflow.

  1. In the Patient's profile, navigate to the Patient Billing section.
  2. Under the Collect Payment subtab, select Collect Payment.
  3. In the collection window, update the Payment Type to either Cash, Check, or Money Order.
  4. Update the Payer Name and/or # Field before updating the Amount.
  5. Next, select the Payment Date.
    1. Note: Note this date cannot be edited after creation nor can it be backdated when Period Close is enabled.
  6. After selecting the date, select the Facility the service where the service was rendered. 
  7. Once the Facility has been selected, the user has the option to email the receipt directly to the Patient by toggling-on Email Receipt and selecting the Recipients. 

  8. Add any pertinent Notes before selecting Collect Payment to record the patient payment.
  9. From the Apply To Billables pop-up, select how you'd like to apply the payment collected using the Applied Payment Type drop-down before selecting Submit. 
  • Leave Payment Unapplied: Choose this option to add the payment as an unapplied payment balance on the patient account that can be assigned to outstanding amounts due at a later date. 
  • Auto Apply Payment: Choose this option to automatically apply the received payment to the patient's outstanding balances using FIFO (first-in, first-out) method. This means the oldest balance will be paid first. 
  • Manually Apply Payments: Choose this option to manually select Billables and apply the desired Amount.

Cash Override

The Cash Override feature can be enabled for clients who use merchant services outside of Avea but want a record of the payment in Avea. You can request this feature by contacting the support team at

  1. To record a Cash Override payment, navigate to the Patient > Patient Billing > Collect Payment section. 
  2. Select Collect Payment.
  3. In the collection window, update the Payment Type to Cash.
  4. The Override Payment Type dropdown will generate- select ACH or Credit Card to identify the outside payment method.
  5. Follow the normal payment recording process outlined above to complete the transaction. 

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