Box 9a - Other Insured’s Policy or Group Number

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Box 9a Definition

Box 9a is the policy or group number of the subscriber's other policy, i.e. secondary insurance.

Also, if Box 11d - Is there another Health Benefit Plan? is marked, complete Box 9 - Other Insured's Name, 9a, and 9d; otherwise, leave blank.


In AveaOffice

To change the other insured's policy, group, or FECA number:

  1. Navigate from the patient to Intake > Insurance tab
    Insurace Set.png
  2. Click the blue link on the primary, secondary or tertiary insurance - depending on which payer the change is for.
  3. Click on the Policy Holder tab.
  4. Click EditPolicy Holder Edit.png
  5. Make necessary changes to the insurance ID and/or Group Number.

    Group Number.png
  6. Click Save.

EDI Loop

Box 9a EDI Loop/Segment

Primary Claims

  • This information is not included in the 837 file.

Secondary Claim

  • Loop 2320, Segment SBR03

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