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Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments can be made either manually or automatically, depending on the user's preference. When a checking account is used for a patient payment, Avea securely stores the account information as a token from a merchant processor.

This token is a unique alphanumeric identifier for the account holder, and it is not the same as the actual checking account number. This system allows the merchant to charge the bank account with additional security measures in place, ensuring the safety of the transaction.


Let's review how to collect a payment using an ACH.

  1. In the Patient's profile, navigate to the Patient Billing section.
  2. Under the Collect Payment subtab, select Collect Payment.
  3. In the collection window, update the Payment Type to New ACH (If the ACH is already on file, skip to step 8)
  4. Input the account holders first and last name.
  5. Next, update the Account Type to Checking or Savings.
  6. Input the 9-digit Routing Number. This tells the merchant which bank holds the account.
  7. Next, input the Account Number.
  8. Select Save This Account to save the token information for future payments.
  9. Input the charge Amount before selecting the Facility.
  10. Toggle on Email Receipt and input a Recipient to automatically email a receipt.
  11. Add any pertinent Note before selecting Collect Payment.
  12. From the Apply To Billables pop-up, select how you'd like to apply the payment collected using the Applied Payment Type drop-down before selecting Submit. 

Note The merchant doesn't provide any information when an ACH payment is returned. Due to this, we cannot display the updated status of the payment. It is highly recommended to check your bank account within 5 business days of receiving an ACH payment to confirm the deposit. 

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