Generate Patient Billables for Private Pay

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Let's review how the system generates Billables from Private Pay Services. 

How to generate Patient Billables from Private Pay Services

The system generates Private Pay Billables from Services classified as Non-Medical. Non-Medical services will need to be configured before Private Pay Billables can be generated.

  1. To record a Private Pay service from the Calendar, navigate to the Attendance section.
  2. After you have located the Patient name and day the service was rendered, locate and click the Select Standalone Service in the dropdown.
  3. Within the Standalone Service window, select the Facility where the service was rendered to generate the service list.
  4. Locate the Non-Medical Service (listed as Non-Clinical in the Service dropdown.)
  5. Select the service to record the number of Units as well as the Unit Rate before selecting Save.

    1. Tip: Toggle-on the Override Facility Unit Rate to update the Unit Rate for a singular instance.
  6. After recording and saving the service, select Submit Treatments on the Attendance Calendar.
  7. Navigate to the Work Center > Patient Billing > Create New Patient Billables.
  8. Select the Dates of Service (or Patient Name) to instruct the system which of the recorded services should be included in the Patient Billable.
  9. Once the selections have been made, select the Create New Patient Billables for Selected Treatments button to generate the Patient Billable.
  10. The system will then redirect you to the Approve Patient Billables section.
  11. From there, once you have confirmed the information within the Patient Billable looks correct, select the billable(s) you wish to approve before selecting Approve Patient Billables.
  12. After the Patient Billables have been approved, the system will redirect you to the Recently Approved Billables section within the Work Center to confirm their creation.

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