Collect Credit Card Payments

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Credit card payments can be made either manually or automatically, depending on the user's preference. When a card is used for a patient payment, Avea securely stores the credit card information as a token generated by a merchant processor.

This token is a unique alphanumeric identifier for the cardholder, and it is not the same as the actual credit card number. This system allows the merchant to charge the correct card with additional security measures in place, ensuring the safety of the transaction.


Let's review how to collect a payment using a credit card. 

  1. In the Patient's profile, navigate to the Patient Billing section.
  2. Under the Collect Payment subtab, select Collect Payment.
  3. In the collection window, update the Payment Type to New Card (If the card is already on file, skip to step 8)
  4. Input the cardholder's first and last name.
  5. Next, input the Card Number.
  6. Then an Expiration Date in an mm/yy format as well as the cardholder's Zip Code
  7. Select Save This Card to save the token information for future payments.
  8. Input the charge Amount before selecting the Facility.
  9. Toggle on Email Receipt and input a Recipient to automatically email a receipt.
  10. Add any pertinent Note before selecting Collect Payment.
  11. From the Apply To Billables pop-up, select how you'd like to apply the payment collected using the Applied Payment Type drop-down before selecting Submit. 

Credit Card Status Codes, Definitions, and Messages

  • Definition: The Transaction was approved. 

  • Definition: The Transaction was declined.

    ND Error Messages:
    Error Code 110: EXCEEDS AMT LMT (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 12: INVALID CARD (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2: PLEASE RETRY5270 (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2185: INVALID CARD (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2188: DECLINED (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2190: EXPIRED CARD (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2200: PICK UP CARD (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 24: EXPIRED CARD (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 2511: EXCEEDS AMT LMT (Status 'ND')
    Error Code 4: DECLINED (Status 'ND')
  • Definition: The transaction didn't meet Waystar requirements.

    ZM Error Message:
    Error Code 227: Unable to void previously voided transaction (Status 'ZM')
  • Definition: Transaction Failed at Waystar.

    FA Error Message:
    Error Code 0: Settings do not exist. (Status 'FA')
    Error Code 188: Invalid Expiration Date (Status 'FA')
    Error Code 196: Invalid credit card number (Status 'FA')
    Error Code 200: Transaction failed (Status 'FA')
  • Definition: The transaction was voided and will not be funded. Note- voids will only occur when a payment is refunded within 24 hours of collection.
  • Definition:  The transaction is currently queued for processing.
  • Definition:  The transaction received cannot be found.

    NF Error Message:
    Error Code 8: REC NOT FOUND (Status 'NF')
  • Definition: The transaction has been declined and the card issuer would like for you to keep the card and send it to the Payment Processor. (Do this only if you feel it is safe to do so.) Ask for another form of payment.

    PU Error Message:
    Error Code 7: PICK UP CARD (Status 'PU')
  • Definition: This message means that the Issuing Bank requires more information before it will
    approve the transaction. You can call the Payment Processors' Authorization Center or
    have the customer call his or her bank that issued the card. You can also ask for another
    form of payment.

    NR Error Message:
    Error Code 49: CALL AUTH CENTER (Status 'NR')
  • Definition:  The transaction is a Return.
  • Definition: The transaction has been declined because the Card Security Code entered wasn't valid.
  • Definition:  The transaction has been declined because the billing Zip Code entered wasn't valid.
  • Definition:  The transaction has been refunded.
  • Definition: The transaction has been funded into the Merchant's Bank Account.

Non-specific Error Messages

  • Definition: The expiration date for the credit card is invalid.

    Resolution: Re-enter the date or if the date is expired, contact the patient and request for a new credit card number.
  • Definition: The configuration for the merchant account is incomplete or invalid.

    Contact support for assistance.
  • Definition: The credit card number is invalid.

    Resolution: Re-enter the card number or contact the patient and request for a new credit card number.
  • Definition: N/A

    Resolution: Contact support for assistance.
  • Definition: There are two potential definitions: The token saved is no longer valid or the practice was created after the card was saved, negating the previous token saved.

    Resolution: Re-enter the card information including all details to regenerate the token. 
  • Definition: The transaction is not refundable.

    Resolution: Contact support for assistance.

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