Box 53a, 53b, 53c - Assignment of Benefits Certification Indicator

Box Description

This field shows whether the provider has a signed form authorizing the third-party insurer to pay the provider directly for the service. The form contents will either be Y or N.

Y = Yes

N = No


In AveaOffice

The default benefits assignment on the claim form will be determined by the Default Benefits Assignment on the Patient's Insurance Set under the Policy Holder tab. 

  • To update the benefits assignment, update the patient's insurance set as shown below.
  • To default your Benefits Assignment to Facility or Patient for all new patient intake forms, go to Practice Admin>Configuration>Insurance Billing. 

Patient insurance set showing Default Benefits Assignment set to Patient



EDI Loop/Segment

2300 CLM08 (destination payer line) CLM08 is REQUIRED

2320 OI03 (non-destination payer line(s)) OI03 is REQUIRED when there is more than one payer on              the claim


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