Box 60a, 60b, 60c - Insured's Unique ID

Box Definition

Boxes 60a, b, and c on the UB-04 are where the insured's ID number is entered as shown on their insurance ID card. 

  • A - Primary
  • B - Secondary
  • C - Tertiary


In AveaOffice

To change the insured's ID on the claim form:

  1. Navigate to the patient's Intake > Insurance tab.mceclip1.png
  2. Click into the insurance set primary, secondary, or tertiary payer for the claim.
  3. Go to the Policy Holder tab. mceclip2.png
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Edit the Insurance ID field.
  6. Click Save.


EDI Loop/Segment

Loop 2010BA, Segment REF

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