Box 11d - Is there another Health Benefit Plan?

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Box Description

Box 11d specifies if there is another health benefit plan attached to this claim. Only one box can be marked.*  


In AveaOffice

To change or add patient's additional payer Health Benefit Plan information on the claim form:

  1. Navigate to the Patient>Treatment Episodes>[Select Treatment Episode]>Intake

  2. From the Intake tab, click on the Insurance sub-tab and click on the blue link below "Secondary".  In this example, 1199 National Benefit Fund is the secondary insurance payer.

  3. If there wasn't a secondary payer created yet, then there would be a blue [Create] link to click on.
    Secondary Insurance.png
  4. Select the new secondary payer from the dropdown list, or click on the Add New Payer and select the payer name if the payer is not listed.Edit Payer from List.png

    Payer List.png
  5. If the payer needs to be added, then type the payer name in the filter box and select the payer name from the filter list.  If the payer name does not appear on the filter list, then click on the dropdown list and select the payer name from the dropdown list. Or,  if the payer name is not listed then create the payer for paper claims by clicking on the blue link "Create Payer for Paper Claims".

  6. The following fields will need to be filled out for a paper claim payer.
    Paper Payer Fields.png

EDI Loop/Segment

This box does not correspond to an element of an 837 file.

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