How To Get In Contact With Avea Support

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The Basics:

Support staff are available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5PM PST. There are a few ways to reach us during this time.

  1. Call us at 503-867-8853 option 2
  2. Email from AveaOffice by clicking “Contact Support” in the bottom right corner, or send an email directly to Whenever an email is received, you’ll get an automatic response with a ticket number. We use these numbers to reference and keep track of phone communication as well.

If you need to send patient health information (PHI), as defined by HIPAA regulations, please utilize our encrypted email service, ProtectedTrust. This is a HIPAA compliant program that encrypts and transmits messages. Reach out to Support if you have not yet received an invitation. Note that PHI in the subject line of an email cannot be secured even if the message was sent using ProtectedTrust. To get around using patient names, we advise using claim numbers or even just a link to the patient profile.

Emails to Support go to a shared inbox. We work together to ensure that you get responses as quickly as possible.

Expect a reply within 8 business hours. Most inquiries will receive a response within a few hours, but time will vary by the severity of the issue and our SLA policies.

What can our Support Team do?

  • Assistance with how-to questions. We also offer amazing articles and how-to guides that can be found in the Help Center. You’ll need to create a login separate from your AveaOffice credentials, but it’s absolutely worth it.
  • Solution troubleshooting.
  • Escalation of feedback requests.
  • Great support for your questions, concerns, hopes, dreams, and anything else Avea-related!

So what can’t we provide?

  • Advice on how to bill or what codes to use.
  • Answers to invoicing questions. Please contact
  • Help with implementing a new facility or enrolling with a new payer. Please contact
  • Information on how the payer processed a claim. Please check claim status directly with the payer.

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