Missing EOB or Remit

Payers often send the check or EFT( electronic funds transfer) before sending the electronic EOB. This is why you'll often see the money appear in the bank account before the EOB is posted. 
The clearinghouse posts EOBs the day they are received from the payer. However, there is a slight delay in when they will post to Avea. 

Avea checks Waystar for EOBs at 7 am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 7 pm PST. Due to payer processing schedules, we recommend that you wait 48-72 hours after your EFT or Check Date to see the EOB posted on your account. 

If over 72 hours have passed since your EFT/check date, proceed to the steps below for reporting a missing EOB.

Reporting a Missing EOB

Please provide the following information when creating a Support ticket or calling Support:

  • Payer Name 
  • Check Number or EFT Number (required) 
  • NPI Number(s) 
    NoteWe typically create separate cases for separate NPIs because many payers and intermediaries will take only one at a time. 
  • TIN associated with the NPI Number(s)
  • Legacy Provider Number(s)/PTAN(s) associated with the NPI Number(s) 
  • Check Amount (required)
  • Check Date (required)
  • Provider Number (required if state payer) 

We will submit a case to the clearinghouse once all information is received. Typically, it will take 5-10 business days for a full resolution, as the clearinghouse has to communicate with the trading partner and the payer.

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