What is a Supported or Non-Supported Workaround?

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Supported Workarounds

A supported workaround is one the Avea Support team provides in response to a bug in the Avea software. A supported workaround means Avea will provide support and troubleshooting as a result of implementing the suggested workaround.

Non-Supported Workarounds

Sometimes users will use a feature(s) to work-around features that don’t exist or weren’t intended for the scenario – these are generally considered a non-supported workaround. Any use of Avea Office the Support team advises is not the proper or intended design of the feature(s) is considered a non-supported workaround.  If a workaround is implemented without the intended design in mind, there’s a possibility of unintended consequences (ex. Reporting discrepancies, claim or payment edits, etc).

To avoid these unintended consequences, we encourage customers to check with support on any workarounds they’ve implemented to check if the workaround is advised. When there are unintended results of a non-supported workaround, Avea may suggest training, consulting or the time spent troubleshooting will be considered billable.

Examples of Non-Supported Workarounds

Some examples of non-supported workarounds include (not limited to):

  • Using address lines for non-address type information
  • Using a payment form field for payment data that does not correlate directly with a field on an EOB

It’s our top priority to make things easy for users, so we want to know if there’s a feature you want or need that’s critical to your business. Share your feature requests with us by sending a description, along with the details on why the feature is critical, to support@aveasolutions.com. The more we know, the more we can help.

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