Provider-Level Adjustments

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A provider-level adjustment will need to be created for the Payment Collection when there is an adjustment made by the payer that affects the entire EOB, not just an individual payment. 

Create a Provider-Level Adjustment

Use the following steps to add a provider-level adjustment to the Payment Collection.

  1. Navigate to Work Center > Insurance Payments > Enter Insurance Payment Collections.
  2. Locate the desired payment collection and click on the Check Number to open.
  3. Go to the Provider-Level Adjustments tab under Payment Collections.
  4. Click Create Provider-Level Adjustment.
  5. Select the Practice and Payer.
  6. Enter the Adjustment Reference Date and add Notes as needed.
  7. Enter a PLB Reason Code (Provider-level adjustment) in the Reason Code box and the Description will auto-populate based on the entered code. For a complete list of codes, click here.
  8. Add in the Reference Number (optional).
  9. Enter the adjustment Amount.
  10. Use the Add Line link to add additional provider-level adjustments as needed. 
  11. Click Create to save.

Note: Interest payments entered in the Provider-Level Adjustments window are those listed for the whole check, not an individual claim payment. For individual interest payments, you will need to enter that in the Payments screen.

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