Attendance History

Once attendance is marked, you will be able to see each date of service in the Attendance History section of the patient treatment episode Scheduling and Utilization tab. 

The Attendance History section eliminates the need to dig into the details of claims or scroll through pages of the attendance calendar to look at a specific patient's information.

Locate the Attendance History tab

To locate the Attendance History tab:

  1. Locate the patient (from the Patients page or by search).
  2. Open the Attendance quick link from the desired treatment episode (or open the Treatment Episode and choose the Scheduling and Utilization tab).
  3. The Attendance History tab contains a table of all services added to the attendance calendar for the patient.

When to use the Attendance History tab

Claim Workflow and Follow-Up


  • Denials for specific dates of service within a claim
  • Service was billed in error
  • Service billed at the wrong facility location
  • The wrong service billing profile was used resulting in a denial
  • General details about attendance without having to download a claim status or billing report
  • Auditing attendance history
  • Reconciling attendance with EHR records
  • Responding to patient/member questions about billing and claims
  • General details about attendance without having to download a claim status or billing report

Attendance History Details

  • Date: Date of service/attendance.
  • Facility: The facility select when the attendance record was generated.
  • Service: Service that was input in the attendance calendar.
  • Service Billing Profile: The service billing profile for the attendance that was billed.
    • For a U/R required service, the Service Billing Profile is selected when creating the Utilization Plan.
    • For a standalone service, the Service Billing Profile is selected when adding the standalone service attendance.  
  • Combined Service Set: Indicates whether a Combined Service Set was entered as attendance for this date. If not a Combined Service Set, returns value n/a.
  • Utilization Plan: The start date, end date, and authorization number for the corresponding Utilization Plan for the service. If n/a is recorded in this column, the service is a Standalone or Private Pay and not associated with a U/R plan. 
  • Billing Method: Distinguishes between Insurance and Private Pay billing.
  • Status: Shows the status of the attendance (submitted, claim created, recorded, etc.) allowing you to easily distinguish between submitted and unsubmitted attendance.
    • Recorded: The treatment has been marked in the Attendance Calendar.
    • Submitted to Billing: The treatment has been queued for claim creation. Treatments with this status are found in the Create New Claims section of the Work Center.
    • Claim Created: A claim has been created but not yet submitted to the payer. Claims with this status are found in the Submit Claims section of the Work Center.
    • Submitted: Indicates that the claim has been sent out to the payer for processing or marked as submitted for internal records. Claims with this status are found in the patient’s Insurance Billing tab under the Claims section
  • Date Submitted to Billing: The date when the attendance for the service was submitted to billing. If unsubmitted, returns value n/a.
  • Billable: The AveaOffice Claim ID (AV-***-C*******) with a hyperlink directing you to the page for that claim.

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