Why am I not receiving remits (EOBs, ERAs) yet?

Enrollment Process

The clearinghouse activates your Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) enrollment record and places it into the phase, “Complete” along with a message to Avea indicating, “Pending First Remit”, as soon as it has been sent to the payer for approval.

Once your enrollment has been sent to the Payer for approval, the Smartsheet status for the record will say "Clearinghouse - Pending First ERA"

This is done because some payers will begin sending ERAs to the clearinghouse without first notifying Avea that the remit enrollment has been approved. When the first ERA is received from the payer, Avea is notified that your enrollment is active and we will update the Smartsheet record status to Complete.

What To Expect

Some payers may take as much as 30 to 45 days to process remit enrollment records and transmit the first ERA to the clearinghouse. 

If you have a remit enrollment that has been activated for more than 30 days without receiving your first ERA, contact us at enrollments@aveasolutions.com so we can follow up with the clearinghouse on your behalf. 

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