How to add a new Organization, Practice, or Facility to AveaOffice

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What's involved in adding a new facility, practice, or organization in AveaOffice?

First of all - congratulations, you're growing!  AveaOffice manages the onboarding of new accounts for you.

Depending on the scenario this may include:

  • New Waystar Child Account
  • New Payer Enrollments
  • New Organization, Practice, or Facility in AveaOffice including but not limited to:
  • Services
      • Service Billing Profiles
      • Rendering Providers
      • Facility Rendering Providers
      • Facility Service References & Rates
      • Claim Rules

How to Request a New Organization, Practice, or Facility

Need to add a new location, practice, or organization? Please reach out to your Client Success Manager for additional assistance. If you're unsure who your Client Success Manager is, send an email to and we'll connect you.

Please note that when it comes to account configuration and integrating products, it's important to ensure everything is set up correctly to prevent billing disruption. Your Client Success Manager will work to ensure the proper steps are taken to ensure your account is configured accurately and any integrated products are set up properly.

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