Enrollment Status Definitions on Smartsheet

What is Smartsheets?

We use a project management tool called Smartsheets to manage your enrollments with your team. Your enrollment tracker is updated any time there is a change, ensuring you always have access to the most updated information. It also acts as a portal that allows you to download new enrollment forms and upload them once they have been completed, eliminating the need to search through long email chains or download folders. 

Enrollment Status Definitions

Each enrollment on your Smartsheet is represented by a row and has a status assigned.  Here's a guide to understanding those statuses. 

Phase Name




This payer came through in the last 24-48 hours and no action has been taken by Avea yet. Just an acknowledgment we received the new enrollment.


Practice - Information Needed


This means we need either a legacy ID, UPIN, provider ID, or Payee ID is needed from your team to generate the required forms. Once you have given that information to Avea, we will generate the forms and upload them to the Smartsheet for your completion. Then you will follow the steps from ‘Practice Form Needs Completion.


Practice - Forms Need Completed


This means a physical form needs to be filled out, dated, and signed. All forms have the last step as “Return and notify Waystar.” That is what Avea manages. Your team will never return any forms directly to Waystar. Simply upload it back to the smartsheet and we handle it from there.


Practice - Instructions Need Completion


This means that there is online requirements through PaySpan, Zelis, CAQH, etc that will need to be completed before ERAs can be initiated. There is no actual form to return to the Smartsheet. Your team will simply leave a note in the Smartsheet saying “Instructions complete” which will trigger a notification to the Avea team. We will handle the rest from there.


Practice - Registration Not Complete


Client/Practice needs to complete registration forms


Practice - Registration Required

This means that your team has not completed registration and that needs to be resolved before the enrollment can be pursued.

Clearinghouse - Case Open


Avea has opened a case at the clearinghouse to begin the enrollment process or has questions pertaining to an enrollment request or process


Clearinghouse - Pending Completion


Avea Enrollment Team is waiting for the clearinghouse to complete their enrollment steps between the Client/Practice and payer


Clearinghouse - Pending First ERA


Enrollment process is completed for ERA processing between the payer and the Client/Practice.  The Avea Enrollment Team is waiting for an end-to-end process of the first ERA from the payer to confirm setup is complete


Enrollments Team - Pending Research


Avea Enrollment Team has questions for the Client/Practice, clearinghouse and/or payer and is waiting for responses. Or, Avea Enrollment Team is performing internal research on enrollments. 




This enrollment is either not available per the payer, your team has requested we do not initiate, or we have not had a response from you in over 180 days so it was canceled. Check comments for details.




This is our favorite status! When it is complete, the enrollment has activated and ERAs are porting into Avea without issue. Or for the few payers that require enrollments for professional and institutional submission has also activated and your team can submit electronic claims.



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