AveaOffice Online Training

Whether you're onboarding a new employee or you're a new client to AveaOffice, Avea's online training program offers resources to manage and pace a self-guided training schedule.

This section is dedicated to guiding you through AveaOffice workflows by watching instructional videos on each step of the RCM process, from Patient Entry through to Payment Posting and Reporting. 

Most new users can fly through the outlined agenda in one day. As a new organization, we recommend following the prescribed sections below with the goal of completing a billing cycle. 

Don't forget! Our team is here to help you along the way. If you get stuck on a task, run into an issue, or want guidance on the best practice, please reach out to:

Avea RCM Courses

The following courses are available for Avea RCM. Click on the course name below to view the course and enroll. 






Creating Patient Profiles and Billable Charges

Create patients and treatment episodes, enter utilization plans, record attendance, and submit claims.

Admissions/VOB Specialists, UR Specialists, and Billers

60 min

Week 1

Workflow and Claim Management

Learn how to use workflows and automation to manage authorizations, claim submissions, and follow-up, including claim rejections and corrections.

VOB Manager, UR Manager, Collections Specialist, Billing Manager

45 min

Week 2-3

Account Management and Configuration

Learn how to edit your account settings and manage users.


45 min

Week 2-3

Insurance Payment Management

Discover how to post ERAs, complete manual payment posting, and review insurance payments.

Payment Posters and Collections Specialists

20 min

Week 4


Understand the reports available for revenue cycle management including accounting, billing, attendance, and utilization reports. 

Reporting Users

45 min

Week 1-4

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